Drag Race Season 15 Needs to End With a Tie, There's Just No Other Way

Drag Race Season 15 Needs to End With a Tie, There's Just No Other Way
Mar 2023

With the crowning of America's Next Drag Superstar mere weeks away, I'm hoping for a herstoric surprise.

As confirmed on Friday, the final four queens of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 are Sasha Colby, Anetra, Mistress Isabelle Brooks and Luxx Noir London. For the most part, that's also my personal ranking for the season, save for one crucial problem -- for the life of me, I cannot choose between Sasha and Anetra!

Statistically speaking, they're perfectly matched. Both have three maxi challenge wins under their belts, and while Anetra did land in the bottom once, she also won two mini challenges to Sasha's zero, so it all evens out.

But it's never been about the numbers with these two. Both queens have endeared themselves to viewers with their infectious personalities, sickening runway looks, inspiring backstories and seemingly endless arsenal of tricks and treats.

In many ways, Sasha is already a legend in her own right. When she was first announced as a contestant, the fandom was shook, as was the earth itself, according to several seismologists I just made up. Her reputation as a pageant champion, runway stunner, drag mother and LGBTQ+ rights activist precedes her, and it's been a thrill watching her step into a national spotlight.

Anetra is relatively new to the game, but from the moment she first walked that f-ing duck on the season premiere, she has proven time and again that charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent are in her damn bones. She's smart, she's funny and she really seems to get it. Her natural abilities more than make up for a lack of experience, and recognizing the future of drag can be just as important as upholding its traditions.

For the record, I'm also #TeamMistress and #TeamLuxx. We've been blessed with a really strong Top 4 this season, and I'd be fine with any one of them pulling off the win. I'm just being realistic. It all comes down to lip syncs, so there's no way this finale won't end with Sasha and Anetra absolutely tearing up the stage together for the second time this season. Sasha was named the winner of that first face-off, but we mustn't forget that Anetra slayed the "voguing" mini challenge. Plus, that battle against Marcia Marcia Marcia? I have two words for you: "Free Willy!"

Maybe I'm just submitting to my own indecisiveness here, but I can't imagine either Sasha or Anetra being crowned without wondering if the other queen should have gotten it.

It's not like a tie would be completely unprecedented. We all remember when RuPaul gagged the world (the universe?) by naming Monet X Change and Trinity the Tuck co-winners of All Stars 4 back in 2019. This would merely be the first tie on Drag Race proper -- and I think it's about time.

OK, let's talk: Am I fully suffering from drag delusion, or would you also be down with a Sasha-Anetra tie in the finale? If not, which queen are you rooting for? Drop a comment with your winner(s) of choice below.